Saturday, February 25, 2012

Pinterest, it's what's for dinner

I tried 3 Pinterest recipes this week and was reminded that little ones aren't fond of change. Even when they concede that a recipe is good, it takes a bit more prodding to get them to take that first bite. I should have a two new recipes a week rule for the sake of everyone's sanity. :)

Here's my reviews:

Garlic Chicken

This recipe was super simple. With little ones running around during the "witching hour" this recipe, in spite of being new, was very do-able and low stress to make. That is very important in my current world!
It is easy to compliment. I made some biscuits and some peas, and pulled out some applesauce and we were set.
What the critics said:
Will, 15 months, ate quite a bit of it and said, "MMmmmm!" :)
Sam, 4, said,"It's yummy if you put some salt on it." (?)
Jon, 6, said,"Can I put some honey mustard on it?"
Pete,30-something, said, "That was pretty good, babe."

My thoughts: I really enjoyed the combination of the garlic with the brown sugar. It was a unique blend and was really pretty tasty. It wasn't my favorite chicken dish ever, but it will definitely join the rotation around here! :)


This soup was another fairly simple meal to prepare. Are you noticing a theme in my kitchen? ;)A definite plus for me was that I could do all the work for this in advance during naptime/quiet time while the kiddos were out of the way, giving me the chance to snuggle with them during Curious George instead of having to shoo them away! Another thing I liked about this recipe is the vegetables and the freedom to put in whichever veggies your family prefers. I did actually stick to the ones that the blogger put in hers, but mostly because I know my kids like peas and corn and I like zucchini. Here's my gangs' response:
Will loved it.
Sam not so much, but he ate all that was in his bowl.
Jon really liked it at first and at all that was in his bowl. He did say it wasn't his favorite, but it was good.
Pete would not even try it. He is just not a fan of soup. He wasn't home for dinner the night I made it (that was purposeful) and requested an omelette when he got home when I told him what we ate.
I really enjoyed it. I used mild Italian sausage and would probably recommend just ground pork if you are very sensitive to spicy things (my mom) but overall it was quite tasty. I served it with a side of my favorite No Fail French bread. I will probably add this one to the list of soups I make to have with a friend for lunch since my hubby isn't a fan. I then try to freeze the rest and share it with someone that could use a meal. I highly recommend this recipe if your family enjoys a hearty, tasty soup. :)

I'll have to save my last review for another time. Jon and Sam are asking me to get them some chocolate milk and read them Bible stories...I can't ignore that request!! Happy weekending to you!


The Pilots Wife said...

I printed off the Alice Springs chicken to try this week. Thanks for posting your successes. I get bored of eating the same thing so I love to try new recipes.

Heather said...

Katie, the Alice Springs chicken was the biggest hit here, so I hope your gang likes it! :) I get bored, too!