Friday, March 16, 2012

Pinterest Project: Sweater Into A Cardigan

When I saw this pin on Pinterest a couple weeks back, I knew that I would be doing it at some point. I used to have far too many sweaters. My husband has no fat on his body and likes to keep our house at an abnormally warm temperature in the winter, so I don't get to wear many of my sweaters now that I stay home with the kiddos full time. However, I heart cardigans. I can throw one on before I head out the door and when I get home I can take it off easily once I inevitably get too warm. Therefore, you can see why this project had my name all over it.

First, I want to give full credit to the blogger who posted this. I have seen a couple articles/blog posts about pinterest taking away traffic and credit from the original sources. I don't want to perpetuate that, so I always try to link back to the actual blog. She gives great instructions and really this project is SO easy. Find a sweater, find the middle of the sweater, cut said sweater, iron on bonding tape, fold the fabric over and then iron again. She follows that up with sewing a seam, my bonding tape said right on it "DO NOT SEW" so I haven't yet. But it would be easy enough to stitch a seam up the edge of the tape. For now, I'm going to live on the edge and skip that step.

I had two sweaters that immediately came to mind when I saw this pin. A long-sleeved green sweater that I had bought very cheaply at Wal-mart a few years ago to have a festive sweater for Christmas. It was never quite long enough for my long torso. It makes the perfect cardigan though! I wish I had taken a before shot, but you can use your imagination. :)

And yes, the mirror I was using needs cleaned...I am now aware. I've never claimed to be an excellent housekeeper!

The next sweater is a Gap Outlet bargain I picked up for like $7. I have never loved the way it fit and the extra ten pounds I've put on in the past 6 months hasn't helped that at all. I love the color of this sweater though and thought it might be a great cardi. Check it out:
Yes, this one had been crumpled up on a shelf in my closet and definitely could stand to be ironed. It might get thrown in the dryer...that's my way of ironing. ;)

This project was SO quick and easy and inexpensive. (By the way, the bonding tape cost less than $4) And there's a bunch of the bonding tape left, so...I just might be digging through my old sweaters to repurpose them. If you have an old sweater, scissors, and an iron, I suggest you get to Joann Fabrics and buy some bonding tape and make yourself some cardigans! :)


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Great job, Heather! Way to go with the craftiness!

Joan said...

Just found you from the Moments to Remember linkup - weird side note, I would LOVE to follow you on Pinterest, I'm kind of a junkie :) Would you be willing to share your profile link? I'm if you or anyone else would like to follow me.

LOVE your sweater cardigan. Very nice. :)