Saturday, March 17, 2012

Sam and the Presidents

For our homeschool co-op, Classical Conversations, each year they memorize the presidents with a catchy little song. Last year, Jon was 5, Sam was 3 and went to the nursery and Will was just a couple months old and at this point in the game I was T I R E D. All that to say that last year, I didn't even play the song around the house or even attempt to review the CC stuff with Jon at this point in the year. A couple weeks ago, some friends from church who are a part of another CC group mentioned that their three year old knew the presidents from hearing the song and his older sisters singing it. I decided that I should go ahead and start playing the song at home. Wow. Within days Sam was singing the presidents and asking me to quiz him. He's four. He loves it. I bought a set of flash cards and a place mat. (I already had one that was out dated from my classroom teaching days, but thought I should probably get a new one!) Tonight they wanted the place mats out at dinner. Sam kept asking Pete to quiz him and mostly got them right. It is great how much he is enjoying learning about our nation's leaders.

It wouldn't be right to leave out the negative in all of this. Sam is our family's slowest eater. We are constantly telling him, "Talk less and eat more, Sam" or "No more talking until you've eaten all of your ..." So, even though we will continue to use the place mats for our CC review time, I did move them off of the table in order to get Sam away from the table before he needs to go to bed!

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MomLaur said...

Love the memories in those little heads! Thanks for sharing this! Visiting from Moments to Remember