Wednesday, March 7, 2012

A Worthwhile Mess

With three kids under the age of seven, it does seem like there is constantly a mess somewhere. I'm always considering what toys we can get rid of in hopes of limiting the chaos. There is one mess that I don't mind. In fact, this particular mess brings a smile to my face. Books. I try to keep the library books in a big basket underneath our bench--accessible but out of the way. But often they end up scattered all around the house. While I'd rather they got read and put away, just the fact that they are getting read is enough for now. We'll keep working on the clean up part. ;)

Variety is the spice of life. We've got books about everything from Gila Monsters, Peru, Beagles, Presidents, how to draw vehicles, animal jokes, and even fairy tales. :)

This drawing book has been a favorite:

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Hurrayic said...

Yes, definitely a worthwhile mess. My kids, however, liked to use the library and our books for things other than reading...fort building, roadways, castles, standing on!!