Thursday, April 12, 2012

What Works and What Doesn't

You know when you deal with the same issues for awhile and it doesn't seem to matter what different angle you take, you continue to not get the results you were hoping to get? It doesn't have to be huge things, in fact the things that I'm thinking of are pretty small in the grand scheme of things, but they are things that you wish would change in one way shape or form. I was thinking about some of those the other day. Thinking that it would be great if there were some panel of people with all the answers and practical solutions that I could turn to for advice or help. Then I thought of this blog. What if I turned to my friends--real life and bloggy friends--to see what they have found works for them. Clearly we're all different and there are many areas where what works for me isn't going to work for you or visa versa. However, I firmly believe that there's a lot we can learn for each other. So here's the plan: I'm going to throw out a couple of situations that I wish I could find a fix for and you weigh in by commenting here or on facebook. And/Or you can throw out some other issues that you're needing input on and we can try to help each other out. We'll start small:

Issue #1 for me:

The toilet seat/lid. My boys are constantly leaving it up. While this is obnoxious to me as the next girl, it's compounded by the fact that my littlest guy loves exploring any and every space he can find. And as many of you read in my blog post, when the toilet seat is left up and he's thirsty...well, YUCK. So, in spite of the warnings and reminders I've given my eldest, the toilet seat is up again often. So...any great suggestions? How have you trained your kids to close the toilet seat/lid?

Issue #2 for me:

Laundry. This one isn't as bad currently. I might actually had found a system that works. I used to have one big laundry day, that way I could ignore it the rest of the week and only face it one solitary day each week. However, with three boys one day just isn't enough. It was spilling over to other days and I was feeling like a bit like a failure. So, now I've been doing the boys laundry on Monday and towels, sheets and grown up clothes on Wednesday. It worked really well last week. This week I kinda slacked on Monday, which made it pour over into Tuesday and Wednesday. And now it's Thursday and I still need to put away two baskets full of laundry. I know some of you like to do a load a day...honestly that sounds like Chinese water torture to me. But weigh in, let me know what you've found to work for at your house, please. :)

Issue #3 for me:

A couple months ago Sam started talking in a baby voice all the time. It may sounds silly, but it's really gotten annoying to me. Even Jon is starting to get annoyed. And just when I think we're making progress, he starts doing it more. Any advice or tips? Have any of you dealt with this?


Carolyn Horton said...

I will ask Keith about the first. He had 4 sisters and he was trained to put the seat down. He still does it even in the middle of the night when he's half asleep! Carolyn

Mom Gross said...

Issue #1 - What if you put a chart on the top of the lid. When he closes it, he can put a check mark. ?? many check marks gets a reward. If you this for a period of time, it should start to get automatic.
Issue #2 - No ideas - boys just get dirty. However, they can help sort and put away.
Issue #3 - Develop deaf ears to baby talk-only hear grown-up voices.

shoemama said...

#1 - Every time I heard my kids going to the bathroom (the bathroom is right off the kitchen) I would go in and remind them to shut the lid, flush and wash hands. And now it is automatic. Or you can just yell at them every time you find it up! LOL
#2 - I've been doing the laundry the same way for awhile . I have a dark basket, a light basket and a bright colors basket. And whenever one gets full enough to have a full load, I do it. Seems to work good. I usually do laundry every 4 of 5 days.
#3 - I dealt with the baby voice thing - Luke still does it sometimes. I just won't listen to anything he says while he's using it. So, in order for him to get anything, he has to change his voice. seemed to work

Tonya said...

Not sure about the toilet seat lid; I guess I will have to figure that one out since I'll soon be sharing a potty with three boys. :) I have found a laundry idea that works for me. I used to just do a bunch of laundry when I was in the mood. I'd get lots going because I really don't mind throwing laundry in or putting it in the dryer. BUT...I'd get totally snagged on the folding/putting away. So, I'd end up with a gigantic basket of unfolded laundry - SHUDDER! A few months ago, I read a blog post suggesting the approach of doing one load (wash, dry, fold, put away) every day. It has TOTALLY worked for me. Some days I don't have enough laundry, so I get a day off. It keeps me from feeling like I'm drowning in unfolded laundry and from hauling a 25-pound basket up our stairs. Hope this helps! :)

Kristen said...

This cracks me up, Heather! I know just what you mean about these types of things. Having mainly girls, can't help much with the toilet seat issue. Laundry I constantly do. Daily. And the baby voice? This, too, shall pass!

Hurrayic said...

Can't help with the laundry - I end up washing practically every day just to keep up...that or else have mountains to do in one or two days. Of course, we wear our clothes more than once so that helps. :)

Toilet seat? I'll talk to you.

Baby talk? Didn't have that 'problem'. Probably was cute at first and then does become annoying. Maybe say he can talk baby talk for x amount of time during the day and that's it...or don't answer until he changes his voice? Hmmm...tough. You want to spur on creativity, but not disobedience.

Mary said...

Oh boy! I am a mom of three boys, and let's just say I can relate. My oldest is 20, but I still have a 16 yo and an 8 yo at home. The toilet is the bane of my existence - you'd think after all these years I would look before putting my bottom on a wet toilet seat!!!

I am a new follower :)