Thursday, May 24, 2012

Will @ 18 months

This little boy has been a part of our little world for a year and a half. When I told the boys, Jon said, "It really seems like he has been here for a lot longer than that. Like 4 years or something!"

This is the face he makes now when he knows I'm going to take his picture. His "cheesy face."

Some of his favorite things are coloring, playing with cars and trucks, and playing with balls. Oh and trying to keep up with his brothers! :)

At his 18 month check up, he weighed in at 26 lbs, 10 oz, which was just shy of the 60th percentile. And he is nearly 34 inches tall, making him in the 88th percentile for height. In other words, he's a big boy. He's a great eater. Green beans are one of his favorite foods, and of course, chicken nuggets. His vocabulary is growing, although I might be one of the only ones who understands what he's saying! Some words that I can pick up are: Daddy, Mama, pssss(please), mmmm(more), ca(car), shoe, belly, hot, hi, bye-bye, no, ut-oh and there's probably a few more, but those are the ones that come to mind. Also, after a random viewing of Dora the Explorer on Netflix, he's become quite the fan. If I turn on the Wii, he says, "Doooa!" And how can I forget my newest favorite--he just started giving hugs! If I say, "Can I have a squeeze?" He'll make a noise that's similar to squeeze and then put his arms around my shoulders and lean his head in and squeeze. It's so stinkin' adorable. I can't get enough! :)

Overall, this inquisitive, rambunctious, little boy, who has extremely sensitive skin, has brought so much joy to our lives and I'm so thankful for him! Happy half birthday, Will! :)

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