Saturday, July 28, 2012

Oh So Busy!

The week before this last week was one of the busiest we've had in a long time. It was a great week and I had fully intended to blog about it right away, but life keeps going, you know? But before I forget, I want to write about a few of the super fun things that we got to experience that week not long ago.
First, we went to a friend's house to swim. While that doesn't seem too extraordinary this summer, what happened while we were there was. Jon figured out how to swim! He was loving the slide and diving board, but really wanted to try them without any sort of life jacket or ring. First, I would be in the deep end with him, help him get a quick breath and then give him a push to the side. Then we decided to try to let him do it on his own. He did great! Next thing you know he's doing it over and over again. It was SO exciting! I'm so proud of him! Hopefully I can post some pics or a video of him soon. :)
The next day, we took Jon and Sam to their first Major League Baseball game. I grew up an Indian's fan, but Pete has always been a Red's fan. It looks like our boys are following in his footsteps. They had a great time, but honestly, their favorite parts were the cotton candy and the Dippin' Dots. Figures, doesn't it? :)

We had one day off from fun and used it to buy groceries, visit the library and other necessities. Then we got to have a visit from Pete's brother and his family. We usually only get to see them once a year, so this was quite a treat. Pete and Andy always find something competitive to do, while Summer and I always find many things to talk about! In the meantime, our kids are stair-stepped. Between the two families, by the time everyone has their birthdays we've got: 8,7,6,5,3,2 + the little one that's supposed to be arriving this December. The kids have SO much fun together. There was much laughter, screaming, running, building, creating, and even some Wii-ing. :) I, sadly, didn't capture a single picture of this joyful, but quick, reunion! It was so fun and ended much too quickly!

The following day my older brother was in Ohio for a visit, and brought my mom down for the day. It's always great to see Scott, or the Tickler, as the boys like to call him. And of course, we love spending time with my mom, or Grammy. Again, no pictures from that day. But it was so fun to see them and spend time together.

The next day we went to a client's birthday party. He doesn't mess around. He had rented a helicopter for the party and the older two boys got to take a ride with Daddy. AMAZING! Here are a couple shots from that super cool experience:

Like I said, it was a busy week! It was amazing though, and I'm thankful for every minute of it!

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