Saturday, July 28, 2012

School Stuff

We're not planning to start school for a few weeks still, but getting things ready has begun in full force. I began by organizing our school room which had been struck by Hurricane William. Here is a before shot:

I guess technically I began in the spring when I started ordering curriculum and books. I now have most of the room organized and am trying to make sure that I've gotten everything ordered that needs ordered. Also, this year instead of doing an actual literature curriculum, I'm getting a couple books each week that complement what we're studying in our co-op, Classical Conversations, and I'm creating worksheets to go with them. When I used to teach fifth grade, we did this for each novel that we read, so I have a little experience here. The trick will be making it appropriate for a second grader. Anyway, once I've completed a few of them, I'll find somewhere to share them with any other CC moms who might be interested. Most of the books I've found are history based, but a few are science related. I'm looking forward to using these to enrich our CC experience. It just means a little more work on the front end.

The other project that we're working on here at the homestead is the table we'll be using. My parents had given it to us a couple years ago. They had picked it up at a yard sale a while back. The top of the table hasn't been smooth and in general that wasn't a big deal. The hubs and I decided to try to sand it down and repaint it, in the hope of having a smooth surface for school work. Sounds simple enough, right? If only. We have been working on it off and on all week and have yet to get it smooth. We're still trying a few different things, but I think we're both getting a bit frustrated.

Here's a couple shots of the room without the table. I hope to eventually post a picture of the room all set to begin the school year, but for's still a work in progress!

For now, we're going to keep soaking up the last few weeks of summer fun while we can! Hope you're enjoying what's left of your summer! :)

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