Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Gulf Shores Vacation

Pete's Grandma Gloria and her husband, Ken, live in Gulf Shores, Alabama. This year we took a week and went down to visit them and enjoy the beauty of Gulf Shores. The road trip aspect was better than either of us expected. The kids were great little travelers. It was wonderful spending time each day with Grandma Gloria and Ken. We loved going to the beach, the pool, taking the kids go-karting and bumper-boating. Pete got to play golf with both his grandma and Ken. The condo that we stayed in was really nice. The week would have been near perfection if both Pete and I hadn't gotten sick. I had a cold on the way down and it turned into a nasty sinus infection and an inner-ear infection that gave me vertigo. That was lovely. Thankfully, the urgent care doctor gave me a Z-pack and a shot of some steroid and I was feeling better rather quickly. A couple days later, Pete's cold took a turn for the worse and he headed off to urgent care, too. He had a sinus infection and got himself a Z-pack and some nasal spray. I am glad that it was us and not the kids. They had a blast, we all did in spite of our heath, and we are hoping to make this a yearly trip. Check out some pictures of our time there:

Now as I sit bundled up on the couch, I wish that I were soaking in some rays in Alabama. Guess I have to wait until next year!

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