Monday, November 18, 2013

Our Maggie Girl, One Year Old

I have been reminiscing for a couple weeks about the events that led up to Maggie's birth and even started to write a blog to post today about my pregnancy and her birth, but I changed my mind. It was cathartic for me to write about it, but today isn't about my journey, it's about celebrating the little one that we got to meet for the first time one year ago! Our sweet Margaret Anne is one today! It's so hard to believe that a year has past already. Here are some tidbits about our sweet Maggie girl.
Maggie is very social.
She is happy about 88% of the time, the other 12% is when she is left alone in a room, or wants to be held because she is sleepy or hungry. 

Unlike her brothers, she isn't walking yet. She mostly does her army crawl, but occasionally crawls normally now. She also pulls up and cruises around holding onto furniture. Walking isn't too far away. In fact, Pete and I have a little wager going on. I think she'll take her first steps by Thanksgiving, Pete doesn't think so. 

Maggie recently fell in love with our piano. When she vanishes from a room, it's the first place I look for her now. This morning she was in there again. I like to think she was trying to figure out how to play the birthday song. :)

She is my only baby to like bottles. Admittedly, this has been a nice change of pace for the past few months. However, I am faced, for the first time, with having to get a baby to switch from bottles to sippy cups. We'll get there eventually. Maggie likes to do acrobatics while drinking her bottles, and she can often be found holding her feet.
This girl is well loved by her big brothers. I pity the boy that wants to date her. They protect her fiercely, smother her with kisses, and often proclaim how cute she is. It's very sweet. 

Here Jon and Sam are scooting with her! 

While Maggie does occasionally show her strong will in full force, like in the picture above. Most of the time, we get the cheery, joyful girl below. I can't wait to see more of her personality emerge and how God will use her in our family and in the world. Happy birthday, sweet Maggie girl!

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Diana Levine Turner said...

That is a beautiful daughter you have. It's so nice to see her taking an interest in music!