Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Something Simple

Ultimately, as a parent who has been saved by the grace of God by the death and resurrection of Christ, one of chief goals is to have children who love the Lord and seek to know Him more and live their lives in serving Him and sharing His love with others. There are many things that we do around here to that end, but Sunday I read a blog that I think will play a big role in helping our little ones get there. The author said that she starts her kids very young (like around 1 year old!) with their own version of "quiet time" with the Lord. You can read her post here. The end result--thus far--is her 7 year old spending an hour reading God's Word on his own each day. I have to confess, I don't even do that most days. I was encouraged on Sunday morning when the boys pretty much begged Pete to have "Bible time" with him even though it was Sunday. So, yesterday we gave it a shot. I told the boys how it's important for each of us to have quiet time with God to hear what He has to say to us through His Word and to pray silently to Him as well. We started simple--just about 15 minutes. I gave them each a cup with some chocolate milk (the blog author talked about how we like to have special drinks--coffee or tea, etc--when we have our quiet time, why not let them?) and turned on some kids praise music quietly in the background and helped them pick a spot to be by themselves for their "quiet time." They were both really into it.

Jon told his dad about it at dinner.
The first thing Sam said to me this morning was, "Hey Mom, what about that quiet time? Are we going to do that quiet time thing with our Bible?" I told them we'd wait until Will went down for his morning nap and they each asked at least twice more if it was time yet.
There are so many other things that we teach our children to do or say from an early age in order to instill it's importance...why not quiet time? It just makes so much sense to me. Plus, I sat and sipped my "special drink" (coffee) and met with God while they were, making it extra sweet! :)

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Jodi said...

Beautiful! Yup . . . my kids will remind me too when we haven't' had our QT. That is simply what we do and if we don't do it . . . they feel sorry for God. Thanks so much for sharing! i loved hearing!