Thursday, September 5, 2013

Crazy 8

Our oldest turned eight! 
We started the day of with our family traditions: pancakes in the shape of your age, streamers on the door and the birthday banner hanging up. 

 For the longest time all he could think of to ask for was roller skates. I assumed he meant roller blades and even had some in my cart on Amazon and thankfully said something in front of Jon and his friends about roller blades. I was quickly informed that roller blades only have one row of wheels-thanks for clearing that up for me kids!-and are SO hard for kids, but roller skates are way better! A couple clicks later and no one would know my near miss! Here he is on his new skates:
(Pads are delayed but have been ordered, but aren't here yet.)
We celebrated with lunch at Chick-fil-A and Jon's choice of ravioli for dinner. Then we sang "that song" and had birthday "pup cakes" as Will calls them.

We wrapped the day up with a trip to the library, just my birthday bookworm and me! He requested a trip without the littlest two so that he could take his time and get as many books as his literature loving heart desired. Who am I to deny such a request? 
Happy birthday to our crazy 8 year old boy! Sure thankful that we get to be a part and watch him grow and learn and become!

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